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Before planning a trip to Delhi, a tourist has to gather some information to make his or her Delhi travel an enjoyable one. All does matter in a tour.  Delhi travel trips are prepared by Divino Indian Memoirz to give our guests an idea of Delhi climate, language, culture, transportation, Indian visa rules, etc.  Delhi is a state of a wide variety of linguistic community yet English is the official language and it is spoken by a large number of people. Tourists can easily mingle up in Delhi as the shopkeepers, drivers all can speak English. The best time to a Delhi tour is in the month of February to April and August to September. One can pick his dress according to the season as summer is too hot and winter is chilly. Besides, Divino Indian Memoirz prepares other precautions and travel kits to provide a comfortable journey to Delhi. Travel trips to Delhi is the most important part to a newcomer.