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What To Wear ?

Delhi has extreme variations in its climate that differs from month to month and so does the dressing pattern of its people. Summer, winter and monsoon are the three major seasons of Delhi. People are quite fashionable in its dressing and like to experiment with changing weather conditions. Here everybody likes to dress up according to the occasion and temperature. They are casual and give more importance to comfort and power dressing but at the same time very conscious of their clothing and wants to mark an impression on everybody with what they wear.

Summer Clothing :
Delhi summers are quite hot, humid, and dusty and can become quite unbearable in its mid period with scorching sun and high temperature. So in these months people prefer to wear clothes in which they feel cool, light, and comfortable, that is why cotton clothes are most common and on top on everybody’s wardrobe. More so ever it is also necessary to take good care of your feet, so one should wear light weighted jute made open sandals so that your feet can breathe. Clothes which are skin tight, extra revealing, dark and loud in color should be avoided in summers. Lastly it is advisable to use deodorant to fight bad body odor which is found to be a common problem during this time and use of sunscreen lotion is also a must.

Winter Clothing :
Winters can be very freezing when temperature can dip to as low as two degrees Celsius. Mornings are quite foggy, so in order to fight such chilly weather, carry long coats, warm inners and thick quilted jackets to keep you warm. You can easily spend the day time with light pullovers but during evenings and night it becomes quite cold, therefore add woolen clothes to your luggage.

Moonsoon Clothing :
Humidity is at its highest point during rainy season, so the clothes that best fit for this kind of weather are the one which have tendency to dry out easily such as fabrics like chiffon or georgette. Pure cotton and synthetic clothes are to be avoided as they get glue to the skin to make you feel uncomfortable and can be suffocative too. For the footwear’s one should wear plastic footwear or flip flops that can act most comfortable in water.